The Event as “Self” Expression

I put “self” in quotes here because there are times that the self can be considered not only the individual in question but rather a team standing behind that person to enable them to achieve something.

One way to think of your event planner is in the same manner you would think of your interior designer, personal shopper, even life coach or therapist  (all of which “hats” all event planners need to don from time to time!) – someone who has the skills, vision and creativity to help you present your best self to your friends, family, peers, co-workers, the world around you. Whether its a party you give for another – your child’s Bar or Bat Mitzvah or Sweet 16, your best friend’s wedding or baby shower, your husband or wife’s milestone birthday party; or for yourself for whatever reason, even if just an intimate dinner party, the event can be viewed as an opportunity for you to be that person you may have idealized yourself as being – the person who’s known as having the most outrageous and highly anticipated annual Halloween party whose home is transformed into the scariest of funhouses; the elegant and serene hostess who’s known for always having the most interesting and eclectic selection of guests as well as the most delectable food and a gorgeous table; the guy who wants to treat his buddies to a day of their favorite activities, whatever they may be, to help him celebrate his 40th birthday; the woman who wants to mark her 50th birthday by engaging her favorite people in a celebratory ceremony to usher herself into a new phase of life; the couple who wants their wedding to consist of a weekend of activities and festivities their guests will be talking about for years to come… get the idea; the possibilities are endless.

You might know that you want to mark whatever occasion you’re celebrating in one of these ways or in some way but not have the time, inclination or knowledge of how to bring about what you envision – this is where your event planner comes in; in fact, this is the essence of what we do – creating the embodiment of your vision while making it happen in the most organized, apparently seamless manner possible, and in the most cost-efficient manner possible, utilizing our very carefully selected and nurtured contacts with whom we have the best of working relationships.

Is having an event planner a luxury that can be viewed as being excessive or over the top – NO!!! A good event planner has contacts to make what you want to happen happen in ways you very likely would not be able to achieve on your own, and, best of all, will enable you to be a guest at your own event. What greater gift can you give yourself than that?

With warmest regards from Nicole and Debi, the QP Dolls!

1 Response to “The Event as “Self” Expression”

  1. 1 kim October 13, 2010 at 12:50 am

    So true. Thank you for expanding on the idea of “self.” It is so important to remember all of the support we create for ourselves, especially at important events in our lives.

    I love your pictures too!

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